What We Ride // Peter Hartwig’s 2015 Yeti SB5c

Yeti Freak

Peter Yeti SB5c

Name: Peter Hartwig, @peterman_MTB

Position at TPC: Shipping Dept. / Enduro Racer

What you ride: YETI SB5C, aka “Sabrina”

Why you ride it: I am a Yeti Freak and a tribe member, and I ride the SB5C because its the best all-round bike out there. #sofast #soenduro

I have a strange romance with Yeti bikes. It first started in 2008 when I was just cruising the isles at a demo day outside Las Vegas during Interbike. I had already tested a few bikes at this point in the day and I was just looking for something to ride. A nice fella hollered from a black Yeti tent across the way, “Hey you wanna ride the best bikes out here?”  I replied, “Heck yea”. After a lengthy suspension set up and the normal rental procedures, I was climbing an ASR5 up Bootleg Canyon for some fun trail testing. After the first run down the mountain I was hooked. The bike rode better than any mountain bike I had ever ridden before. I rode that ASR5 until I got a flat. When I returned to the tent I said to Phil, “more travel please.” He chuckled and set me up on an ASR7 to ride. This bike climbed surprisingly well just like the ASR5. However, it descended like a bottomless traveled trail bike… FAST. After grinning from ear to ear all afternoon on these bikes, and experienced a bit of culture at the Yeti tent, I knew I wanted to become a Yeti Tribe member. My first Yeti was a 2009 575, Beti was her name. Second, I owned a Big Top 29er hard-tail, who I called Topanga. Then, I purchased a Yeti cross bike, the ARC-X, Julia and I have ridden it across the country and many many miles. When I moved to Colorado I got hold of an SB66C, a DREAM Build, Sally, I called her. Currently, I am riding one of the newer Yetis, the SB5C, and it is an all mountain screamer. Rocking a light weight full carbon frame that utilizes the new Yeti “Switch Infinity” suspension system, This baby climbs like a mountain goat and descends like a Star Wars speeder bike. If you haven’t ridden one of these “Switch Infinity” bikes, I recommend you do so soon.

Peter Yeti SB5c

Fun facts: All of my bikes are named and the names usually come to me while the bicycle and I are getting acquainted. It usually happens during the first couple of rides, but not always. Sometimes it can take a while to name a steed. I believe a relationship with your bike is important, it creates trust and respect, which helps builds confidence aboard the bike. It also makes me feel bad if I haven’t taken Sabrina out for a day on the trail in a while. Whatever helps you get out on the bike right, or maybe not crash, this is my little trick.

Peter Yeti SB5c


    Frame: Yeti Cycles 2016 SB5C, Large 19″, Turquoise ( Travel 127mm/ 5″ )

    Fork: RockShox Pike RC3, Black on Black, ( 150mm of Travel )

    Stem: RaceFace Atlas, Bluc Anodized 50mm

    Handlebar: Renthal FATBAR Lite Carbon, Low Rise, 750mm

    Seatpost: Thompson, Covert Dropper post 30.9 ( 125mm of Travel)

    Brakes: SRAM, Guide RS, So dope!

    Shifters: 1 XTR9000 11 speed shifter.

    Front Derailleur: None, I use a high Direct-mount MRP chain guide.

    Rear Derailleur:  XTR9000 11 clutch rear unit.

    Cassette: XTR9000 11-40

    Crankset: RaceFace Evolve 175mm, with a RaceFace Narrowide retention chain ring, 32Tooth

    Headset: Chris King, Limited Edition! Anodized-Turquoise, tapered in-set… Baller!

    Rims: Stanz Flow-EX, 27.5 Shmedium rims with blue anodized aluminub spoke nips.

    Hubs: Chris King, Limited Edition! Ano-Turquoise, Mountain hubs ISO 142X12mm ,and  ISO 15mm

    Tires: MAXXIS ALL DAY! Tire depends, but usually I’m on an Ardent 2.4 or High rollers 2.3 or 2.5.

    Saddle: WTB Yeti custom Silverado. 133mm

Peter Yeti SB5c Peter Yeti SB5c Peter Yeti SB5c Peter Yeti SB5c  Peter Yeti SB5c

Peter Yeti SB5c

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