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We Buy Bikes

*Editors note: The Pro’s Closet no longer buys bicycles with an original MSRP of less than $1500*

There’s no doubt that cycling is an expensive hobby. Bikes cost money.

money We buy bikes

Unfortunately, our desire for more bikes and accessories doesn’t always line up with our financial situation. I’ve personally been guilty many times of spending money I shouldn’t, on a bike I don’t need. If you’re like me, the bikes are piling up, and the bills that need paying mean something’s got to give. Or maybe, if you’re a bit more reasonable, there’s a nice bike you just don’t need anymore tucked away in the corner of your garage. Maybe it’s gathering dust and might be worth your while to turn it into some liquid funds.

So how do you do quickly and easily turn your used bike(s) into cash? Don’t worry! We buy bikes!


Bikes We Buy

Whether you want to Sell Your Bike Now or Trade Up, The Pros Closet can help extract the value from your bike easily and effectively. We are the premier buyers and sellers of used bikes, and we buy bikes of all kinds: Road bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Time Trail and Triathlon bikes, Track bikes, Mountain bikes, Hybrids and Cruisers.


  • If your used bike has an original retail price price of $1,500.00 or more, we’re interested in buying it. If you bike is high end, pristine, loaded to the gills with top-shelf components and worth an obscene amount of money, we’re interested in buying it. If it’s anywhere in between, we’re interested. We buy bikes!


  • Do you have a race bike that’s not only used, but has been raced hard? We’re still interested. Whether it’s you’re crit machine, or your enduro rig, we know your race bike is valuable. Even if it’s beaten to hell, we can help extract every bit of value left.


Sell Your Used Bike

That is what The Pros Closet is about. We buy bikes because we love bikes, and by selling your used bike to/with us you can help extend the life cycle of your bike and make a little money in the process. Keep your used bike from being condemned to a dusty garage corner. Sell a bike or two to free up some space and cash for your next purchase.

Let the Pros Closet help you get full value for your used bike! We buy bikes

If you’re ready to sell your used bike go to our Sell Your Gear or Sell Your Bike Now page.








  1. Please give me a call my husband can tell you better than me i know its worth around $2000. Really never used fully equiped bontrager trek super sports 2015. 2 banjo brothers carrypacks on ea.side 2 bern helmets weeride baby seat 17.5″ cygolte dash light mirror automatic reflectors please telll me if it sounds like something youll buy thanks

  2. I asked a friend if she had a bike that she don’t need so I could have a way to get to work.She gave me a bike that is almost light as a pair of boots,so I found out this is a racing bike.I cannot afford to fix this bike I wish i could.I looked all over this bike for a model number ….nothing.I do know their’s value in this bike.

  3. I don’t know what to do with this incredible bike.The bike has normal wear and tear,the piece that connects the derrailure is broken.Bike has a lot of cosmetic issues.Can I receive some help on what to do with this amazing bike?

  4. Hello, I have a vintage 1950’s Behrens Pink Lady. She’s been sitting for a long while and needs lots of love. I wanted to possibly get it appraised. Contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.

  5. Hello,I have a Schwinn Solitaire city series 21 speed bike in awesome condition,would love to sell it for a reasonable price.Need to let go and move on.

  6. We have a 1978 vintage banana bike .yellow in color great condition. I looked up numbers on it and the web.says $2800. I would take less.hope you can help me sell it.

  7. I have some old 70s or older road bikes complete except rims , would this be somethings you would be interested in

  8. I have a custom made bmx bike I made online its called a grenade its white frame and handle bars is good everything is handbrake what not took pretty good care of,it if this page is legit and won’t rip me off I will sell it

    • Hi Logan,

      Thanks for reaching out. We will happily give you a price for any bike you’re looking to sell, however we rarely buy BMX bikes because the resale value is typically lower than road or mountain bikes. Still feel free to submit your information via our Sell you Bike page.


  9. I have a 1950’s something Schwinn Wasp bike 24 or 26 inch. I want to sell it. It has been stored in my garage for many years. The only thing that is missing is the kick stand. The paint is there. The chrome
    is quite rusty however. What do you think?

  10. Dear Jarrad,

    My mother was cleaning out her shed and gave me a Ross Eurosport. We think it’s from the 70s or 80s. I have no other information. How do I go about finding out what it is worth?

  11. I have a Electra classic ,yellow bike. Leather seat and grips. Its about 80 percent . If interested, im flexable on price.

    • Hi Henry,
      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, your bike falls below the price range of what we usually purchase. Between shipping costs and eBay/Paypal fees, there’s just not much money to be made for either of us.
      I would advise trying to find a local buyer, perhaps on Craigslist. 
      Thanks and good luck!

  12. I have a Really old 3 speed Bicycle I’m not exactly sure what kind of bike it is Because it is so old I can’t see a name but I have pics I can send

  13. I was wondering if you would buy kids bike because I have many kids bikes that nobody uses and wantes to sell them they are kind of old but the still look nice

    • Hi Laura,
      Between shipping costs and eBay/Paypal fees, there’s just not much money to be made for either of us on kid’s bikes.
      I advise trying to find a local buyer in the classifieds or on Craigslist. 
      Thanks and good luck!

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for reaching out to us here at The Pro’s Closet.  Unfortunately, your bike falls below the price range of what we usually purchase.  Between shipping costs and eBay/Paypal fees, there’s just not much money to be made for either of us.

      I would advise trying to find a local buyer on craigslist.  Thanks and good luck!

  14. I have a newer (I’m estimating I purchase it about 5 years ago) Motobecane Fantom CX that I have used 2 or 3 times – definitely less than 100 miles on it. Thought about getting into riding just as a form of exercise and never real took to it. Is Motobecane a brand you purchase?

  15. Hi, I have a Giant Avail road bike, women’s height 5’4 – 5’7, excellent condition with minor road wear. Similar to your last comment (John G), I hoped to develop a love for biking and thought if I buy it, I will use. I have since come to realize I’m a runner. I bought the bike back in 2009 or 2010, but have only rode a handful of times so the bike is practically new and in really good condition. I paid like $800 for it and ready to let it go. Do you purchase Giants? If so, I would like to send a photo. Also, I am contacting you from the state of Georgia, does this matter?


  16. Realy old. Bike has a Bayliss and Wiley oil bath bottom bracket. The head badge says Halfords Birmingham. The bikes realy early. Four digit serial number on the seat tube

    • Hi Maximus,

      Thanks for reaching out to The Pro’s Closet regarding your bike. Currently, we are overstocked on 26″ mountain and fat tire bikes, and we are trying to focus on late model 27.5″ and 29″ bikes.

      We appreciate the message, and please let us know if you have any questions,

  17. Hey I have a giant seek mountain bike that cost 1100$ new and is in good condition I would like to sell it is this something you would be interested in if so how do I go about selling this item to you

    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for reaching out. Your Giant Seek falls a bit below the value we are pursuing for our inventory. I recommend listing your bike for sale on a classifieds website or eBay.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for the message. Those old Schwinns are classic! Unfortunately, we are overstocked on 26″ bikes and we are trying to focus on late model 27.5″ and 29″ bikes. I recommend listing your bike for sale on a classifieds website or eBay.
      Best and good luck with the sale,

  18. I have a brand new Adamant A1 racing bike that I’m trying to sale. I just don’t know where to sell it. I just haven’t found the time to assemble it and ride it.

  19. Hello, I’m looking to sell the frame to my Trek Madone 5.2. It’s the 2008 version and is 58cm. Would you be interested in buying it! For some reason this window won’t let me insert the pictures. Is there an email address I can send them to instead? Thanks!

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