Why Buy Used Bike Parts?

The Reasons I Buy Used Bike Parts

If you’ve been cycling for any amount of time, you’ve probably played with the possibility of upgrading or building your own bike. There is a definite pleasure in the sense self-reliance, knowledge, and intimacy you can gain with a bike when you tune or build it yourself. It’s something I think every bike nut should experience. But upgrades and home builds can feel intimidating, or cost prohibitive and if you’re looking for something reasonably priced but of a certain quality, obtaining the specific parts you want can become difficult.

This kept me from building myself a mountain bike for years. I looked at the price of parts I wanted, Shimano XT, DT Swiss 240 hubs, Race Face cranks, and my wallet quivered in fear. Then one day a slippery rock garden sent my old frame into the afterlife. Living as a grad student, stinginess is necessary for survival. But for me, having a good bike I could ride to keep me sane was just as important.

Why buy used bike parts? To save money replacing the ones you'll inevitably crash. Stay safe!

Used bike parts are cheaper, generally work just as well as new bike parts, and can be just as easy to obtain. So when I finally dove in to the deep end, I turned to the place most everyone goes to get their used bike parts, eBay.

Don't got to the classifieds, The Pros Closet is the place to get used bike parts

Don’t got to the classifieds, The Pro’s Closet is the place to get used bike parts

If you’re looking for used bike parts, The Pro’s Closet (TPC) is the largest online retailer of used bike parts. No other used bike store has a larger selection or more expertise. Through eBay, TPC has worked to become the trusted marketplace for cyclists to obtain used bike parts. You can find anything from road to mountain, vintage and rare, to the latest and greatest. You can obtain complete groupsets, or just that one last piece you need to polish off a build.

It’s a company built on the philosophy that buying used bike parts not only allows you to save money, but extends the life cycle of quality components and gear. It’s the type of thing that keeps a sport like cycling thriving, and helps keep cyclists like me thriving as well.

Used bike parts are my therapy now.

Used bike parts are my therapy now.

I began my own build when I snatched up a modest, well priced Salsa El Mariachi steel 29er frame. TPC had obtained it from a local Boulder gentleman who kept it in great condition. Perfect for me to beat it up! I knew what I wanted to build, a solid front range trail explorer. I bike I could ride and climb comfortably on for hours on end, over huge stretches of singletrack, but spirited enough to rip some technical and rocky descents.

For me this meant, a Shimano XT 1×10 drivetrain and brakes, sturdy reliable rims laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs, some nice Race Face Cranks, a high quality 100mm xc fork, and a dropper post. Over the course of the next two to three months I patiently kept eBay tabs open on my browser (patience is key!), but I also regularly checked There, used bike parts are all organized into easy to browse categories and it’s the best way to see The Pros Closet’s entire inventory.

Browse a huge inventory and find the used bike parts you need

Browse a huge inventory and find the used bike parts you need

TPC sources its used bike parts from riders and bike shops all around the country. The best thing about buying my parts from TPC is the selection and the options. At any one time, TPC will be running a few thousand live eBay auctions. That’s a lot of used bike parts to choose from! A good example is when I wanted an Shimano Deore XT Shadow Plus rear derailleur and, eventually, I found on their website that there were three available.

When you're buying used bike parts, The Pros Closet helps you get exactly what you're looking for.

When you’re buying used bike parts, The Pros Closet helps you get exactly what you’re looking for.

TPC provides detailed descriptions and high quality photos that allowed me to compare the three derailleurs and make the right decision for myself. I was able to pick one that was cosmetically scratched up, but functionally fine, saving me money while still getting me the performance I wanted. I repeated this process with almost every component I purchased until I finally got every single piece I wanted. In the end, by buying all used bike parts, I saved close to $1000 over a new build.

My Salsa El Mariachi - Built entirely from used bike parts!

My Salsa El Mariachi – Built entirely from used bike parts!

TPC made building my bike with used parts easy. They are a veritable well of cycling knowledge. During the process of the build, I was able to ask questions about everything I was buying, to make sure I was getting the part I needed. When I made a mistake (I bought the wrong type of chainring for my Race Face Cinch cranks), they made it easy to return the part and helped me get the correct part. I’ve been a loyal buyer ever since, even coming to work for TPC selling the very parts I was buying the year before.

Your average Pros Closet employee. Ready to help you shred.

Your average TPC employee. Ready to help you shred.

The Pro’s Closet is full of people who just live and breathe bicycles. They want nothing more than for you to get your bike dialed.

So buy used. Save some money. Then get out there and ride!



    • Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for reaching out. We regularly get older Campy components, as well as many other vintage bikes and parts. You can search our inventory using the search bar on our website. We will generally label components older than 20 years with the keyword “vintage”, which will help you find older items. If we don’t have any in stock at the moment, more will definitely come in.


  1. My 83 year old friend Steve was riding his 1958 Raleigh Robin Hood Sports and was hit by a car. He is okay but the bike was damaged and now we are looking for a replacement front fork. Do you know where we might get one of these or can one be made?

    • Hi Kiki,

      Wow, I’m glad to hear that Steve is okay. While it may be difficult to find the exact same fork, you have other options. Search by wheel size and steerer tube dimensions to find a good replacement.

      Best of rides,

  2. I need a front wheel that is 26″, disc compatible, able to fit 2.3 wide tire AND is 8 speed compatible.
    Please let me know if you any such thing.

  3. I’m looking to upgrade my old derosa road bike it has a campi record group on it now only 7 speed I’m looking to make it a ten speed

    • Hi Ed,
      I like where you head’s at, but the rear spacing on your DeRosa is not optimal for the wider hub required to fit a 10 speed cassette. However, if you want to fit an 8 or 9 speed set up, you can make it work. Be on the look out for a new cassette, rear derailleur, rear wheel or rear hub/spokes, chain, and rear shifter. You can check out all of our Campagnolo Record offerings here:
      Best of rides,

  4. Hi I’m building a custom mountain bike downhill fullsuspention.
    Found your web sit want buy used parts for it .so I’m looking for the frame. I also have friend building custom road bike he has the already but needs ever thing else. Were looking for top of the line parts at good price.

  5. Would you be interested in a large lot of new bicycle parts. My dad had an bicycle shop years ago there are some vintage parts you name it from nuts bolts tires sprokets handle bars banana seats break cables bearings. You name it my dad probably had it. If your interested in more info please contact me
    Thx Lynn taylor

  6. I’m looking for a brazon for a front derailleur for a 2005 kestrel evoke

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