Trade-UP Program FAQ


1- Can customers Trade-UP items besides bikes?

Yes, we will take a look at components, forks, wheels, power meters. (Note: item should have minimum estimated resale value of $250)

2- Can the voucher be redeemed for cash within the shop.

No, TU vouchers are only eligible to be used for in store purchases

3- What if the bike has worn out components i.e. stretched chain, beat cassette

As long as the customer brings in the bike shown on the voucher and the frame, and in most cases wheels, are free of cracks and rideable we will stand by our original offer. We are looking for shops to give the bikes a basic inspection. Some bikes will be in better shape than we expect, and others will be worse off, but ultimately it will even out.

4- Who covers shipping?

The Pro’s Closet. The only “cost” to the shop are the man – hours to box the bike for shipment.

5- When does the shop get paid?

TPC will release the funds within 2 business days of receipt of the used bike.

6- Why does our offer differ from the BicycleBlueBook value?

The Pro’s Closet uses experienced industry insiders to value each bicycle we receive, rather than an algorithm. This method ensures we can account for custom builds and expensive aftermarket upgrades. This allows us to fairly assess bicycles that may be worth more than a stock model. This also allows us to accept wheels and other accessories. In relation to BBB, our offers may be higher or lower. For example, vintage road bicycles are often valued higher, and lower end models are often valued for less than BBB.

7- Can my shop have exclusivity in my geographic area?

TPC is not offering exclusivity with the Trade-UP program. We want the program to be a tool for all retailers and help people get on new bikes.

8- Who boxes the bike?

It’s the shop’s responsibility to box the bicycle. The Pro’s Closet can advise on the best way to package and ship the bike if needed.

9- What if the bike gets damaged in shipping?

In The Pro’s Closet’s experience, bikes rarely incur significant damage in shipping. As long as the packaging job by the shop is adequate, The Pro’s Closet will absorb any costs incurred with damage. In extreme circumstances, we’ll discuss on an individual case how to proceed after damage is incurred.

10- How long does it take to get a valuation back?

The Pro’s Closet will return a valuation within one business day, but often much quicker than that.

11- Can I submit a valuation for the customer?

Yes, bike shops are welcome to use the Trade-UP Program themselves as a concierge service for their customers. The program is flexible, and can be used in a number of ways to match your sales process.

12- How long is the voucher valid for?

The voucher automatically comes with a 14-day expiration date. This was set to encourage the customer to use the voucher sooner than later, but TPC will accept vouchers up to 2 months from the date of issue.

13- Is there a service fee?

There is no fee for the use of the Trade-UP Program. Bike Shops and consumers can submit as many valuations as they wish with no obligation to complete the Trade-UP Program.

14- What does The Pro’s Closet do with all these used bicycles?

The Pro’s Closet is an exclusively online retailer. We resell products through our ebay store. All products we receive are inspected prior to resale to ensure our customers are getting what they paid for.

15- My customer was offended by the low valuation. What do I do?

Like automotive trade ins, selling a bike through a private party sale can often result in a higher price. The Pro’s Closet offers a price that allows for a convenient sale, while allowing the resale of the bike at market value. The Trade-UP Program should be explained to a customer as one option to easily sell their bicycle. Often times, a customer will attempt to sell their bicycle at their perceived market price, only to realise this was unrealistic, and return to the Trade-UP Program.