The Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Used Bike

 The Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Used Bike

Sell your used bike

You’ll know when it’s time to sell some of your bikes

There really is something cathartic about cleaning house and turning my used bikes into cash. Maybe you’re like me, and have a nice used bike or two (or ten) you can live without. Maybe you want to fund your next build, or maybe your bike’s been neglected, unridden, and you just need it gone. Why not turn it into cash? But how? I’ve already gone through the painful process of selling most of my collection and have found a multitude of options.  Let’s look at the top 5 ways you can sell your used bike.


5. Sell Your Used Bike To A Pawn or Sporting Goods Shop

If you’re lucky there might be a used sporting goods shop near you that’ll buy used bikes.

Many modern bike shops don’t bother with buying and selling used bikes anymore. One of the quickest ways to turn your used bike into cash is to find a local pawnshop. The old fashioned, if inelegant, way to turn something like your used bike into quick cash. If you’re lucky, you may have a shop nearby that specializes in buying, selling, and consigning used sporting equipment. 

These guys might buy your bike, but for the right price?

The advantage here is being able to sell locally, and having the convenience of completing a transaction the same day you decide to walk in. The major concern, however, is getting maximum value for your bike. Many shops may lack the expertise to understand what your bike is really worth, or they may simply be unable to give you the amount you want. The lack of competitive buyers in a marketplace can prevent you from getting the highest return, or even the true market value of your bike. You might not even have a local place in your town to sell you used bike to. If that’s the case, then the Internet is the only place to go. 


4. Sell Your Used Bike On Craigslist

Everyone knows Craigslist. It is the place for online classifieds. Listing your bike is quick, easy, and free. Upload some photos, write a description, and within seconds your bike will be listed online. Once again, getting maximum value for your bike is the greatest concern here. The people who browse Craigslist are diverse, and can range from experts, to enthusiasts, to complete knobs. And the selling grounds on Craigslist are ripe for negotiation, something I personally find exhausting. If your bike is of any decent value expect low-ballers and aggressive hagglers.

Sometimes selling your used bike can be frustrating

When selling online, always try to be wary of scammers. Craigslist, in my experience, is full people who’ll spam your email with bogus offers. The most important thing when dealing with and meeting Internet strangers is to make sure transactions are safe and secure. Many police stations now offer special areas for such transactions to occur.

“Sell” me your used bike!

One thing to consider is that your ad has to fight for attention, as it continuously gets bumped down by newer ads. If someone isn’t searching for exactly what you’re selling, they may never see it. I’ve dealt with a couple obscure vintage bikes that went ages without a single good offer. Craigslist just wasn’t the right place. But it’s hard to beat the convenience and lack of fees, and if you’re up for the work and interaction it takes, then it may be the way to go.


3. Sell Your Used Bike On A Forum Website

When your Strava KOM gets poached it's time to sell your bike. sell your used bike on a forum

When your Strava KOM gets poached it’s time to sell your bike

The internet is rife with bike nerds, and places like online forums are where they gather. There are forums dedicated to every cycling discipline imaginable, from specific ideologies, to brands, and interests. Sometimes they may be just the place to find the right buyer for you bike. Many cycling focused sites have specific buy and sell forums, which you can think of as a slightly more educated Craigslist.

Still, visibility can be hit or miss depending on the site or bike, and you may run into similar issues that you do on Craigslist with low-ballers, potential scammers, or lack of views.

If you're selling your used bike online, you better learn to pack and ship. Sell your used bike

If you’re selling your used bike online, you better learn to pack and ship

Remember, if your bike doesn’t sell locally, you’ll have to pack and ship your bike. This costs money (sometimes a lot!), and if you don’t have the materials or experience, it can be difficult. Here is an excellent post on How to Pack & Ship a Bicycle which can help. Selling your used bike on a fourm can be a bit of extra work, but it can definitely help when you want to sell to a more specific type of buyer that you might not be able to find locally.


2. Sell Your Used Bike On eBay

eBay, unlike Craigslist, allows you reach a pool of buyers that spans the globe. You have to deal with shipping and eBay fees, but in exchange you get great visibility and a high chance of your bike selling for what it’s worth. The reason is the nature of eBay. Auctions tend to bring out a used bike’s true value.

sell your used bike on ebay

I would like to bid on your used bike

A major hurdle involves developing a reputation through positive feedback. Often, buyers are more inclined to purchase from trusted sellers with good ratings. This isn’t to say that you can’t sell with poor or few ratings, but if you don’t sell often or you’re selling for the first time, there’s a chance that you could be missing out on some buyers willing to spend a little more for confidence and security.

Parting a bicycle is a great way to Sell your used bike

Sometimes to sell your used bike you have to part it out

One great advantage, however, is that eBay is the king of the “part out”. More than forums, eBay is where I trawl the internet for specific parts I want to buy. It’s search and filtering functions make finding what I need easy. If you’re having trouble selling your used bike as a whole, or you want to try and maximize your return by splitting your bike into its component parts. With eBay’s global marketplace, it’s just easier to find that one (or hopefully more) buyers looking for what you’re selling.


1. Sell Your Used Bike Using The Pros Closet’s Services

The Pros Closet is the final addendum to this list because TPC operates the internet’s largest used bicycle marketplace. TPC is an amalgam of all the best methods of selling your used bike. You will discover the convenience of a consignment shop along with worldwide visibility, as well as the expertise and security of being, not only the largest online seller of used bikes, but the largest buyer of used bikes. TPC does business all over the world and has the experience and selling power to ensure that you the get most money possible for your used bike. Best of all, it’s easy!

If you’re local to Colorado, you can walk your bike into our headquarters, located in the heart of Boulder.

Sell for Cash: If you’d rather sell your bike for cash, you can go to the Sell Your Bike Now page, list a few item specifics, attach two photos, and within 24 hours TPC’s team of used bicycle experts will quickly and accurately appraise the value of your used bicycle and make you a cash offer!

With TPC, there’s no easier or more effective way to sell your used bike.


    • Hi John,

      We buy bikes from all over the world, however due to shipping costs we can not offer as much for an international bicycle. If submit a couple photos via our Sell you Bike page ( I can give you an accurate valuation and offer on your bike.


  1. I would like to sell my bike I paid 2,000 for it I only rode it twice now I can’t ride it any more due to health reason any suggest on how to sell it fast??


  2. I have a Trek PRO Caliber 9.7mountain bike, it was used only 2 times because it is so big for me.

    tem specifics
    Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully … Read more
    Frame Material: Carbon Fiber Type: Bicycle
    Brake Type: Disc Brakes – Hydraulic Frame Size: 16.5″
    Suspension: Front Gender: Men
    Number of Gears: 11 Color:
    Handlebar Type: Riser Bar Model:
    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States Wheel Size: 29″

  3. Hi,
    My wife and I have two fat tire 6 speed AutoBike ‘Cruiser Elite’s’. They are not the ones shown continuously on TV in the 1990’s (that was the Classic). Ours have heavy frames, wide white wall tires, chrome fenders, a sprocket spring and comfortable leather seats (like my old Black Phantom). We purchased them new from a Nordic Track dealer and the manufacturer is CSA. We have the brochures, the 27 page Owner’s Manual’s assembly and probably other papers as well. Mine is Black, and hers is Teal, nice ‘his and hers’ colors. They seem to be uncommon as I’ve only communicated with one other person who knew of the Cruiser Elite. They current hang from the ceiling of our garage in Phoenix AZ and have not beer ridden in 3 years. Is it worthwhile trying to sell them, I suppose some people still like the idea of an auto-shifter, right?

    • Hi Charles,
      There’s someone out there looking for his and her cruiser bikes. I recommend listing the bikes for sale on Craigslist or your local classifieds.
      Best of rides,

  4. Hi guys my name is Kyle I have a giant escape xl 2 in very good condition I’m trying to sell it fast does anyone know who I should talk to in the north west Indiana area?

  5. I have “THRUSTER MAXIMUM TERRAIN” 18 Speed ATB bicycle for sale. Let me know how much
    I can get for it. I have sent you four pictures of its yesterday. Waiting for answer. Thank you!

    • Hi Stefan,
      Last time one of these bikes sold at auction, it went for $15. It’s not something we would be interested in, but you can try to sell it on Craigslist or donate it to a local charity.

    • Hi Dayton,

      Thanks for reaching out to The Pro’s Closet regarding your Norco. Currently, we are overstocked on 26″ mountain bikes, and we are trying to focus on late model 27.5″ and 29″ bikes. It may be a bike we are interested in taking a look at later in the year, and you are welcome to resubmit in the fall, but that being said we can certainly understand wanting to go a different route to move the bike a little quicker.

      We appreciate the opportunity, and please let us know if you have any questions,

  6. Hi Jarrad, I have a BMC TM01 Ultegra Di2 (2013 M/L) that I am looking to sell (NYC area). Took really good care of it over 4 years now / in very good condition.
    Are you interested in taking a look at it? and/or would you have any contacts in the NY area as well?
    Many thanks, Johan

  7. I have a yeti sb5c and I’m not sure if I want to sell it. I’m thinking of selling it through you guys. It is currently in OK condition with several parts in need of replacement for the upcoming season. The frame has been repaired by Broken Carbon in Boulder and the rear derailleur needs replacement. I am wondering if it is better to get it in tip top shape with new parts (tires, pads, fresh bled brakes) to sell or sell as is with a broken derailleur. OR I can fix the derailleur with XT or something and call it good enough. What do you think?

    Looking to replace it with a new SC Nomad.

  8. I just bought a Specialized Roubaix and cannot ride it for health reasons. It has never been ridden. I also bought the 5 year warranty plan and have a $150 gift card to Mikes Bikes I am willing to put in. The original cost was $1900 plus tax. I am willing to sell with the ($150 warranty), $150 gift card and bike with helmet for $1799 and no tax.

    • Hi Brittany,
      Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you can no longer ride. If you are looking to sell everything as a package, I recommend selling it locally on a classifieds site. For us the value is in the bike alone. If you would like a custom quote on your bike, please submit a few photos by follow the link below. Thanks.

  9. I have two Schwinn bikes that my wife and I have ridden since they were new in about 1975. Can no longer ride and want to sell them. One is a girls 24″Collegiate and the other is a 26″ Suburban. Have no idea what they are worth. Do not want to have to pack for shipping. Tell me what to do so you to sell these bikes for me.

  10. I have a 2016 specialized p-series BMX. it is like new condition less then one mile on it. I live in south eastern Washington state. Where should I be trying to find a buyer outside o Craigslist and Facebook?

    I also have a Schwinn Orange County chopper bike in 8/10 condition an the matching stingray scooter 8/10.

    If somone is interested 5095544900

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