TPC Brings Trade-UP Services to NAHBS

NAHBS and TPC Partner up with “Trade-UP”


This article was originally posted on Big thanks to Padraig for describing the Trade-UP program with much clarity and excitement.

It’s not a stretch to say there are few among us who don’t dream of owning one of those custom creations displayed at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, better known as NAHBS.

Friends, that just got a little easier.

Don Walker has just announced an agreement with The Pro’s Closet whereby attendees at the 2017 show in Salt Lake City will be able to trade in an old bike and apply the value toward a new bike.

You read that right. Trade old bike. Apply its value to new custom bike.

That clattering sound is the noise made by tens of thousands of jaws around the world hitting the ground.

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