The Bigger Picture

One of the fundamental cornerstones that started our small business is the act and practice of being a minimalist. What started with the question, “What can I sell to get to the next race?” has evolved into “What can I sell that I don’t use and is taking up space (emotionally and physically)”.

I still walk through my home on a weekly basis evaluating my surroundings. The realization that lasting fulfillment can never be found in things that are temporal by nature. It is foolish to invest the bulk of our finite energy, time, and resources into things that cannot bring significant meaning to our lives. The value of faith, love, hope, and relationships will far outlast metal, plastic, and glass.

I love seeing the moment when a client gets excited about the simple process of selling off their old gear that has been cluttering their space for years. Not only are they clearing “space” in their cluttered garage or closet but they are also freeing up energy in their mind while padding their wallet.

It is in our nature to hold onto possessions. We have worked our entire lives to buy nice things and invest in things we own. So much so, that removing them almost seems laughable. The significance of our investment begins to cloud our thinking about what actually adds value to our lives versus what subtracts from it.

Start today and start small, whether it is one drawer, one closet or one corner of your garage, get the ball rolling! It’s not about having nothing; it’s about having only what matters.

Nick Martin Founder of The Pro’s Closet


  1. Great post Nick! I think about this photo often of Steve Jobs. You should def read his biography if you have not already.

    Yep, less is more. After working for the Pros Closet for six months and selling everything I didn’t NEED, my girlfriend and I are living in a 17 foot truck camper for three months. Visiting family, exploring America and seeking a higher meaning.

    Thanks Pro’s closet for helping me clear clear out da garage!


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