Selling a Used Bicycle

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Whether it’s time to clear some space in the garage or you are looking to upgrade to a new
bike, there is a good chance that each of us will have to look into buying or selling used bicycle
equipment at some point.

Buying and selling a used bicycle doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here at The Pro’s Closet we help
our clients take the headache out of selling their cycling related items on eBay by applying our
proven “auction science” to each item as well as using some specific selling techniques that add
to your bottom line.

We have put together some DO’s and DONT’s for those who decide to sell your bike and prefer
giving it a shot on their own. If you have tried this in the past and found the selling process to
be cumbersome, drop us a line and we will send a call tag to your front door, apply our auction
science and send you a check!

The DO’S and DONT’S Selling Used Bikes

DO pick the proper channel for selling your used bike. You can trade it in to your local shop if
they offer a trade up program, sell it on Craigslist, or go through eBay. Trading will usually net
you the least amount of money, and Craigslist is the biggest hassle dealing with phone calls,
offers, etc.

Craigslist vs eBay: Craigslist is free however the saying, “you get what you paid for” comes
into play here. Not only does Craigslist open the door to more scammers but it also limits your
bike’s exposure. Craigslist is a local marketplace whereas eBay opens your bike up to a larger
demographic that will increase the final sale price.

The most effective avenue is through eBay or an eBay seller (like The Pro’s Closet) because it
reaches the most potential buyers and will get you the most value for your old bike.

DO clean your bike before selling. Do you want to buy a dirty bike? Put yourself in the
customer’s shoes. A clean bike gives potential buyers the confidence that your bike has been
loved and well maintained.

DON’T sell your bike with extras. Pedals, computers, and spare wheels generally don’t add much
value to a bike sale and can be sold on their own for better money.

DO provide details of any upgrades you’ve made to the bike. Newer, lighter components can add
value to you bike.

DO make sure to outline anything that is wrong with the bike. Scratches and dents are inevitable
on a used bike and nothing is worse than surprising your buyer with a bike in worse shape than
they had expected. Be transparent and advertise the bike honestly.

DO take as many photos as possible. The old saying, “photos are worth a thousand words” is especially true when selling a high-end bike. Show off your bike in great detail and make sure to
take photos using a background that won’t distract from the actual bike. If you don’t have access
to a professional photo studio, we recommend using a concrete wall or a solid colored garage

DO give your bike a tune-up. Making sure your bike is ready to ride will give buyers the confidence that they won’t have to do any serious maintenance once they purchase from you.

Apply these simple principals the next time you want to sell your bike and once the dust settles, you will notice your wallet will be a little fatter.

-Nick Martin


  1. These are some nice points on selling your bike. I just wanted to throw out my website (which is a lot like Criagslist in that it’s free), but is unlike craigslist in that we are for a national audience and will also expose your bike to lots of google searches for free. Anyway, if you are selling a bicycle, don’t forget to use to list your bike for free too.

  2. I’m selling my 12 speed bike and a young punk a collectible bike my 12 speed needs an inner tube that’s all the time go by Clayton need a paint job but its original Tonka I’m trying to sell them very quickly I need the money like right now if you need pictures of more than grateful to send them whatever you need let me know

  3. that text message came out wrong the smaller bike is a Tonka bike my bike the 12 speed needs an inner tube and that’s all besides that they both work perfectly the Tonka bike might need a touch up on paint but it’s an original Tonka bike

  4. I am looking to sell my wife’s white Sole bicycle (pink and white tire). Asking price $250. Contact numbers are 786.715.2869 and 786.991.7031

  5. trek touring bicycle sell for $500.00 package deal -26 male bike, 38 cm, bike stand, bike helmet, vehicle rack to transport bike plus a pulley system to hang if limited space, cash only no checks too much fraud online.send an e-mail to view photo attachment if interested?

  6. 26″ Micargi Mustang GTS Stretch Beach Cruiser
    Powder Coated Candy Apple Red
    Chrome Spring Action Fork
    New 3-Speed Shimano Nexus internal 3 speed hub with suicide shifter.
    Coaster Brakes
    Chrome Ape Hangers Handle Bars
    Chrome Alloy Rims
    New Black Tires
    New Seat
    New Two Legged Kick Stand
    New Lights Front and Rear
    Kryptonite U-Lock

    • Hi Barry,
      Thanks for reaching out to us here at The Pro’s Closet. Unfortunately, your bike falls below the price range of what we usually purchase. Between shipping costs and eBay/Paypal fees, there’s just not much money to be made for either of us.
      I would advise trying to find a local buyer on craigslist. Thanks and good luck!

  7. I am getting ready to go to retirement home, I can only take 2 luggage of cloth. Rest 50 + bike all need be gone. Very time consuming selling and dealing with buyers.

  8. Hi- I have a 1973 Raleigh International, all original, in great shape., is not to say perfect. I need to take photos and list the goodies. Please send me a sell your bike form and let’s see what we can do. This bike has the beautiful chrome lugs in the front.
    Thanks, Ed

  9. Great post (why can I only write in capital letters? sorry for that)

    One question, I want to sell my bike on ebay, it is a good one (NP. was 2,999 euros), it has a 3×9 drivetrain, and i have some 10 speed parts laying around. will it be a good deal to invest -let’s say 100 eur- to help with the sale?

    Another Question, i don’t need all the additionals i put on it, but i’m willing to offer a discount if somebody doesn’t want anything in particular. for example: $50 less if shipped without pedals…


  10. I HAve a colNago master pista set uP as a fixed gear. It is in pristine condition. I am the original owner and it’s been ridden less than 20 miles. Is this something you can help me with.

  11. Hi,
    [Can’t turn off all caps, not trying to be aggressive 😉 ] I have a 2012 Trek mamba 29er in great condition that I would like to sell. What do you estimate this would sell for? Thanks

  12. I am selling a 2014 Holland Exogrid custom for a friend-super high end di2, like new. it was over $11K to build out, and it is very large–is this something you could help sell?

    • Hi Greg,
      We can certainly help you sell this bike however it has a few factors working against it’s value. First, any custom bike will not hold it’s value. You may have paid extra for that specific fit but to anyone else, it’s just an odd size. Second, very small or very large frame sizes have a smaller market than a standard small, medium, or large. With this being said, snap a photo and send it via the below link for an exact valuation.

  13. How does someone get specifics on the bike they’re selling? I should know them, but I don’t. I know it’s a Trek, but where do I find details? Thanks.

  14. Hello,
    I have a Quattro Assi Full carbon with ultegra components.
    Looking to sell, wonder if you can help?
    54 cm stand over height.

  15. Hello,
    I’ve been trying to sell my titanium Merlin with Moots suspension for some time now and not having a lot of luck. It’s a great bike with all XTR and XT components and a Cane Creek head set. What price range should I be at and do you think you could help me sell it? Thanks for the help!


  16. looking to Cannondale cad iv frame with shimano gear, Custom built for myself by Cannondale – Tall 6′ 5″.
    Also have Co-Motion custom made touring bike. allows more upright style than the Cannondale but still for tall rider.


  17. Hello what do you do with the bikes? And how do I send you a photo ?I have 3 older bikes with rather camponollo (real sure I spelled that wrong) and 3ttt on then 2 with sew up on them left in the shed when dad passed away …have the work stand as well and tools and cloths gloves and sidi shoes

    • Hi Jade,

      Thanks for reaching out. Every bike we buy goes through a full inspection, deep clean, tune, and then is re-sold on our marketplace. If you are looking to sell old bikes and accessories, please shoot me an email ( with drive-side photos of the bikes you wish to sell as well as a few snapshots of the other items. We will then be able to make you an offer for some or all of your items and then send you a shipping label.


  18. I am looking to sell 2 excellent road bikes, a 2015 Wilier cento 1sr ( ultegra 6800 ), in GREAT SHAPE, and a 2017 Bottecchia Tourmalet 1(potenza 11)

  19. Hi Jared…not sure if you sell tricycles but i have a worksman 3speed with options id like to sell. It has less than 5miles on it. If you don’t sell trikes, do you know of a company that does? Thanks

    • Hi Renee,
      Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, we do not sell tricycles, the shipping cost is just too high. I would recommend listing the bike on Craigslist or selling it to a local used sporting goods store.

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