What We Ride // Brittany Moore’s Mosaic

The Coolest Town Bike in Boulder

Welcome to the seventh edition of “What We Ride”, a series featuring our employee’s bikes and the story behind them. The month, TPC Assistant Photography Department Manager and longest tenured employee, Brittany Moore shows off her Mosaic Cycles townie.

Brit Mosaic full bike-1

This custom Mosaic Townie was built by former TPC employee and founder of Mosaic Cycles, Aaron Barcheck. Recently, our paths crossed, as they do when you live in Boulder, and Barcheck told us, “This is the first and last townie ever to be built by Mosaic. It’s super cool but not really our specialty. Brittany is a good friend and when she asked for a custom townie we were excited to go outside of our comfort zone. It’s also the only Mosaic ever to be fillet braised.”


Name: Brittany Moore

Position: Assistant Photography Department Manager

What you ride: Mosaic townie 2011

Why you ride it: Predominately to look badass on such a beaut. Also, I mostly use it to commute around town for basic errands, avoiding driving whenever I can. I am not a fan of sitting in traffic, ever, even for seconds. Sometimes on summer nights, a quick spin around the neighborhood is serene and lovely, all alone.

Fun facts: When the bike was in it’s “sketching-stage” Aaron helped me pick out color concepts for months while I helped him choose the right suit and accessories for his wedding. It was fun collaborating. It also has my name & my hometown (where it was made) printed on it, which makes me happy. Another thing I heard secondhand, the fork may have been painted a bright red at first by mistake, but was fixed last minute.

IMG_3743 IMG_3739 IMG_3736 IMG_3734 IMG_3732


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