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Year-End Inventory Solutions for Bike Shops

TPC buys bike overstock and demos

The Pro’s Closet has more options than ever to help independent bicycle dealers (IBD) move and sell more inventory. We work with IBDs to purchase their old stock, overstock, and demo bikes. By buying inventory that would otherwise be taking up space and not generating revenue, The Pro’s Closet helps dealers make room and put money toward new-model-year bicycles. The Pro’s Closet has now had long standing relationships, purchasing bikes from several IBDs, both local and across the country. No matter where your business is, if you have bikes on your showroom floor or in storage that need to be sold quickly and easily, The Pro’s Closet will work with you. Make room, make money, and be ready for the new year!


The Pro’s Closet also helps IBDs sell more new bikes with our Trade-UP program. The easiest way for a dealer to sell a new bike is to help a potential customer by taking their old bicycle as a trade in. The Pro’s Closets helps facilitate this with the Trade-UP program, where our retail partners can now easily help their customers exchange their old bike for store credit. Customers can easily get a custom valuation for their bike from The Pro’s Closet through the Trade-UP page on our website, or they can take their bike to any of our Trade-UP retail partners who will help them through the process. The Pro’s Closet will quickly determine the appropriate value for each bicycle and provide a voucher that customers can then put toward the purchase of a new bicycle. With The Pro’s Closet and the Trade-UP program, IBDs can now get more customers onto new bikes.  

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