What We Ride // Pete Lopinto’s 1992 Slim Chance

Vintage Steel

Welcome to the fifth chapter in our “What We Ride” series; a series featuring our employee’s bikes and the story behind them. The week, we introduce you to TPC Chief Evangelist, Pete Lopinto and his vintage Slim Chance.

Plo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-00

Name: Pete Lopinto

Position at TPC: Chief Evangelist

What you ride: 1992 Fat City Cycles Slim Chance

Why you ride it: I started at racing in 1992, at the age of 12, and I wanted to build a bike from that year to make my cycling career come full-circle. I always lusted after these bikes when I was a kid, but could never afford them or the parts that were spec’d on the top end bikes. Now I have it. Being an adult is great!

Fun facts about the bike: Not many people know Chis Chance actually made these road bikes and they have a cult following. It uses Columbus TSX tubing, which is cool because the inside of the tubes are rifled. Every part is correct for a 1992 build and the rims are a semi-rare sought after model, the Paris-Roubaix.

PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-2 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-7 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-9  PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-11 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-14 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-16 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-21 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-23 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-24 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-26 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-211 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-212 PLo Slim Shoot 2.11.16-213

The Slim Chance Build

Model: Slim Chance

Size: 54cm

Year: 1992

Frame Material: Columbus TSX Tubing

Fork: Columbus

Weight: 19.5lbs

Headset: Dura Ace 7400

Front Derailleur: Dura Ace 7402

Rear Derailleur: Dura Ace 7402

Brakes: Dura Ace 7402

Shifters: Dura Ace 7402 8 Speed

Levers: Dura Ace 7401

Crankset: Dura Ace 7402, 170mm, 39/52

Cassette: Mavic “Shark Tooth” 8 Speed Cassette

Bottom Bracket: Dura Ace 7400

Chain: Dura Ace HG 8 speed

Handlebar: Cinelli Giro d’Italia

Stem: Cinelli 1A

Seatpost: Dura Ace 7400 26.8

Saddle: Perforated Selle Italia Flite

Wheelset: Handbuilt Mavic Paris-Roubaix Tubular Rims With Mavic 571/2 Hubs // Mavic Skewers

Tires: Challenge Strada (These are not period correct because we are building this bike to ride)

**** Built w/ NOS Shimano Dura Ace Housing & Cables

1992 Slim Chance-1
1992 Slim Chance-21992 Slim Chance-31992 Slim Chance-4 1992 Slim Chance-16 1992 Slim Chance-14 1992 Slim Chance-12 1992 Slim Chance-10  1992 Slim Chance-7


  1. Sweet ride. Did something similar. When i lived in japan i always wanted a steel Zunow. Finally found one and outfitted it with a c record Delta brake build. Still my favorite bike

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