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Colby Pearce’s 1995 Hour Record Lotus


"I remember the first day I walked into The Pro’s Closet and I saw the Lotus Sport 110 hanging up near the front desk. It was the first bike that caught my eye and, for a few minutes, it was the only thing in the world that held my attention. The amount excitement and nostalgia I felt seeing a Lotus Sport in the flesh surprised me. I remember, as a kid, seeing what a real bike race was for the first time. It was in a friend's basement watching the 1994 Tour de France on a grainy VHS tape. My friend wanted to show me the wild, elbows out sprinting technique of Djamolidine Abdoujaparov and the violent crash at the end of the finish first stage.

But the thing that really ended up sticking with me that day was the image of Chris Boardman before the prologue, surrounded by cameras, sitting pensive and stiff in his Gan kit and Giro aero helmet. To my young eyes he looked like a hero from the future, and he had a bike to match: the Lotus Sport 110. It reminded me of the SR-71 Blackbird, my favorite plane, a machine built purely to be the fastest. Boardman rode perfectly that day. He pedaled like a metronome, caught and powered emphatically past his minute man, and in the end averaged 55.152 kph, riding the fastest tour stage in history (Rohan Dennis has since won the prologue in 2015 averaging 55.456 kph, pushing Boardman’s result to 2nd fastest). With that I was hooked. I went home dreaming of speed and knew I would be riding bikes and trying to go fast for the rest of my life." -Read the rest of this article in the June 2017 edition of Road Bike Action magazine.


1995 Lotus Sport 110 Colby Pierce TT Bike TPC Museum Build Spec

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