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1993 Klein Team Storm Adroit


"In the early 1990s cross-country racing was approaching its heyday in the United States, with the likes of John Tomac, Ned Overend, and Tinker Juarez battling it out at NORBA National races across the country. Mountain bike technology was rapidly advancing, but hardtails and cantilever brakes still reigned supreme, although suspension forks were becoming more and more common, and the advent of V-brakes was just around the corner.

The 1993 Klein Adroit featured in this edition of Now THAT Was a Bike was assembled by Martin Kozaczek of Second Spin Cycles, built up to mirror the bike that Tinker Juarez raced to his first World Cup victory at Mount St. Anne. Although the frame isn't the actual one that Tinker raced on, according to Martin it was likely one of the team's backups, and its rarity is further increased thanks to the original custom paint job. After the 1993 season Tinker went on to firmly cement his legend status by garnering multiple national titles for cross-country and 24-hour races, and even now, after over 40 years of racing, the dreadlocked hardman is still a force to be reckoned with on two wheels.

Constructed from oversized aluminum tubing, the Adroit has all the features that Gary Klein's frames were known for – an integrated head set, press-fit bottom bracket, and internal cable routing. Internal cable routing is currently back in fashion, but Klein was on of the earliest manufacturers to include this feature, one that caused plenty of hair pulling and cursing by mechanics trying to coax a stubborn cable out of the narrow exit port. It did give the bike a very clean look, and combined with the Team Storm paint job and abundance of anodized parts the Adroit Team is the epitome of a high end race bike from this era.

Speaking of anodizing, 3-D Violet was still the hot color for components in 1993 thanks to a collaboration between Ringlé and Grafton Performance. Beginning in 1991 the two American companies began to release anodized violet components - cranks, stems, pedals, hubs, skewers, and even bottle cages, and soon the color was inescapable."

Mike Kazimer // Pinkbike



1993 Klein Attitude Gossamer TPC Museum build spec

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