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1991 Yeti Tree Frog #2


"This Yeti Tree Frog was the 2nd production (consumer) version of the rare trials bike from the fabled mountain bike manufacturer. While the total production numbers for both team and consumer bikes are not known, the number 10 is commonly thrown around by ex-Yeti folks.

The basic look of this Tree Frog is similar to the team bike. One of the main differences is the oval top tube borrowed from a production FRO compared to the round top tube on the team bike. Custom Accutrax fork with U-brake mounts and a Campagnolo Euclid brake. The pulley system adds extra leverage to the brake system, but is difficult to setup in the confined space. Custom Yeti stem with a removal faceplate enabled the use of riser bars.

Like most Tree Frogs and trials bikes in general this one uses a U-brake in the rear with the custom Yeti cable hanger. For whatever odd reason the team frame was actually setup for cantilever brakes. The spacing on this rear hub is the standard MTB 135. Perhaps this was done to accommodate the Bullseye tandem hubs without any customization. By comparison the team frame had 115mm rear spacing using a custom built rear hub.

The team bike has dual gussets reinforcing the chainstay to the bottom bracket shell and a much wider loop section (there was a spacer welded in the middle) to provide more clearance for the 2.5" rear tire. This combined with a narrower rear hub eliminated the bend in the stays and created a more compact and maybe stronger frame.

The 166mm Bullseye cranks were only of the few upgrades I made. According to the original owner the bike actually came with Bullseye cranks, but the bearings got sloppy and he changed over to Monty trials cranks.

I really feel like the wheels on this Tree Frog set is aside among other trials bikes. Using a tandem hubs is a really clever way of making incredibly strong wheels, which is key for this type of a bike."

-Martin K. // Second Spin Cycles

After posting the photos on Facebook, none other than Yeti founder, John Parker chimed in with a colorful backstory:

"I Worked With this Other Krazy Welder @ Disney Studios His Nickname was Treefrog, We Use to Ride Our Bicycles out on to Zorro Street to Smoke Pot... He was a Pretty Funny Guy, The Yeti Trials Bike Was All Frank !! It Was His Passion that We Made the Bike & then Hired Young Aaron Faust to Compete on it ... We Were Searching for a Name for the Bike , When I threw out Treefrog & it Made everybody Laugh !! So thats How it Got its Name .... I Dont Know What Happened to Ol` Treefrog the Welder ? Disney tore Down Zorro Street .... Fun Bikes, I Gave Myself a Blackeye on Franks Personal Bike the Only Time I Tried it !!" -John Parker


Yeti Tree Frog Build Spec TPC Museum

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