John Tomac Raleigh Ti Signiture Build Follow Up

John Tomac Ti Raleigh Mountain Bike

Back in April we had the rare opportunity to have one of the raddest vintage mountain bike frames pass through the doors of our shop, a John Tomac Championship Edition Ti Raleigh.   With only about 70 in existence (10 made by Merlin and 70 by Litespeed) and an original sticker price of $6000 back in 1993, the infamous Signature edition Raleigh is one of the most sought after holy grails for any vintage mountain bike collector.

John Tomac Raleigh Ti Frame

Built back to its original glory as seen in MBA back in FEB 1992.

We were excited to get an update from the proud new owner yesterday and see photos of the bike back in action.   The frame was built back up to its original Mountain Bike Action Test glory (this was the actual frame used for the MBA test article back in Feb. 1992).

Tioga Disc Raleigh Titanium John Tomac Frame

One of the most rewarding parts of our business is hearing back from our customers and seeing their vision for a vintage bike become a reality.   Each individual part is carefully sourced and tracked down, many from eBay.  Collectors often utilize “saved searches” within ebay’s marketplace to efficiently find these hard to find parts.  It’s the journey not the destination!

Congratulations on another great build Paul!  Enjoy the ride!


  1. Thanks Nick for the chance to have this piece of mountain bike history.

    From the MBA article:
    “The bike plain hammers. It was one of the best bikes we have ever written. From test riding the Raleigh on the trails overlooking Los Angeles to racing it at the Mammoth Mountain World Cup, rider after rider crooned about the bike’s responsiveness and consistent handling.” – Mountain Bike Action Feb 1992.

    It really is an absolutely awesome ride and surpasses my expectations.

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