How To Buy A Used Bicycle

Walker Ferguson stands by his "used" bike.

As a follow up to last weeks, “How to Sell Your Used Bicycle” post, we decided to flip the table and offer up some similar DO’s and DON’Ts for those shopping for their first used bike online.

Buying a used bike (or anything for that matter) does not have to feel like you are entering a dark alley outside of Amsterdam. The procedures and guidelines are in place to make sure you are protected from start to finish.

We will go into more buying and selling techniques down the line, but this is a good start to get you headed down the right track.

DO check a seller’s eBay feedback. See what other customers have to say about their
previous history as a seller of eBay and if their feedback is less than par, move onto the next auction.

DO your research. Search eBay by modifying your search to view only Completed Listings. By
doing this you can see what similar items have sold for in the last 60 days. This will give you an
accurate idea of what the current market value is for the used bicycle you are shopping for.

Buying a Used Bicycle Yeti C-26

DO change up your keywords when searching eBay. For example, I have been looking for a vintage Yeti C-26 to build up for a while. When doing my daily eBay searches I type in a variety of keywords: “Vintage Yeti”, “Yeti C-26”, “Vintage Mountain Bike”. Not all sellers know exactly what they have, by changing the keywords you can increase the chances of scoring a better deal. The key is to search on a regular basis, you WILL find what you are looking for. Remind yourself that the quest for the item is half the fun.

DO NOT WORRY about being stuck with an item you are not happy with. Most people do not
know that eBay offers a generous return policy. Via ebay you have 14 days to start the return process and if you paid with Paypal you actually have 45 days.

eBay also enforces a buyer protection policy that protects buyers against sellers who have not advertised an item correctly.

Here at The Pro’s Closet we accept returns for 14 days after you received an item, no questions asked.

DO NOT expect a warranty. If you are buying a used bike, especially a carbon one, be sure to
look at the photos closely and buy from a trusted seller. Warranties are only applied to new bikes
and original owners. Upon getting the bike make sure you go over the entire frame with a flashlight to view for small imperfections. We do this to every bike we sell prior to listing the bike on eBay.

If you want a warrantied bike you will have to pay the premium and buy directly from a local dealer.

DO buy used. We have said it before and we will say it again, “Buying used is the greenest way to shop”. You are buying something that already
exists and giving a second life cycle to a product that otherwise would be collecting dust.

Almost everything we need already exists. Start looking daily for that perfect used bike before turning the key and driving to the store.

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