Limited Edition Fi’zi:k Colorado State Flag Saddles

Fizik Colorado State Flag Sadle

To commemorate the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge (USAPC), fi’zi:k made a run of eight limited edition Arione R3 saddles in the theme of the Colorado State flag. Each saddle is individually numbered, #1 was sent to Tejay van Garderen to recognize his win at the USAPC, #6 and #8 are being kept by fi’zi:k and will be locked in a vault at their headquarters, and #2-#5 will be auctioned off to benefit Bicycle Colorado! 

If you’re a math wiz you’re wondering, “what happened to number 7?” Great question, we’re giving number 7 to you! At least potentially. On Friday, September 27th visit our Facebook page and enter to win this super rare, custom made fi’zi:k saddle!

If you’re not so fortunate to win one of these Colorado State flag saddles in the giveaway, you’ll still have four more chances to score one of these bad boys starting September 30thRemember, all proceeds benefit Bicycle Colorado, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of cycling through increasing safety, improving conditions, and providing a voice for cyclists in Colorado!

Fizik Antares Signed SaddleAs a “cherry-on-top,” on October 21st we will auction off one fi’zi:k Antares saddle signed by the eight rider BMC squad from the USAPC!

Signed by:  Tour winner, Tejay van Garderen

Mathias Frank

Cadel Evans

Lawrence Warbasse

Michael Schar

Brent Bookwalter

Greg Van Avermaet and Julien Taramarcaz

For more information on Bicycle Colorado and their charitable contributions to cycling in Colorado, visit:


Fizik Colorado State Flag Saddle Fizik Colorado State Flag Saddle

Fizik Colorado State Flag Saddle Fizik Colorado State Flag Saddle





  1. i love Colorado because of its rugged terrain….i believe thats the reason its so beautiful…because its so difficult to build on or get to…unlike the area i live in….texas where every place is accessible to builders and growth….COLORADO IS BLESSED WITH THE FACT THAT BECAUSE IT IS SO MOUNTAINOUS ….IT ALLOWS NATURE TO REMAIN IN ITS PRISTINE AND NATURAL STATE THAT IT WAS INTENDED FOR….

  2. My visit to Colorado included a ride out of Denver to Golden and up Lookout Mountain. What a spectacular road and ride. Jealous of those Colorado residents that ride and sad for those that have not realized the extent of what you have to offer. No wonder so any pros choose CO as their States home.

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