The Pro’s Closet’s Commuting Incentive Program // A United Effort

Benefits of Commuting By Bike


The benefits of commuting by bike go far beyond having “one less car” in the parking lot.  Commuting reduces air pollution, reduces traffic congestion, increases workplace productivity, improves health (physical & mental),  saves money and simply feels good.

Here at The Pro’s Closet we recognize these benefits and encourage our employees to ride their bikes to work. We are an online eBay store specializing is selling used bicycles. Bikes are part of us, simplicity is part of us. We keep things simple, use what we need and sell or repurpose what we don’t. We have made a successful business helping people repurpose their gear and we are truely committed to that culture.

We set up a program that is based around earning paid time off for riding your bike to and from work.



Our goal is to not only have our employees all riding to and from work but hopefully we can help inspire other businesses to follow suit and set up similar programs within their workplaces.


Bike To Work


How our program works:

  • To start, we sit down with each TPC employee and look at the geographic scope of where they would be riding from, giving them route mapping advice and instruction from our commuting coordinator.
  • We then set up each employee with a log-in under our shop’s profile at World  World commute allows us to track our team’s miles commuted, gas saved, money saved as well as our carbon offset based off of the car each employee would be driving to work.
  • We provide our employees with deep discounts on gear to make their daily commute safe and enjoyable.
  • An employee can earn a paid vacation day for every 250 miles that he/she commutes to and from work.
  • Our employees can earn up to 4 paid vacation days per year in addition to their allotted vacation time.
  • For every 320 commuting days the business accrues as a whole, The Pro’s Closet provides the entire staff with a commuting appreciation day.

Stop Driving


So far this summer our team has :

     Commuted over 4700 miles

     Offset 4200 lbs of CO2 gases

     Saved 217 gallons of gas

“Many people talk about it, the feeling you have while riding. They try to describe the feeling that
the bike gives them, whether it’s the freedom the bike provides or that oneness they have with
the bike. For me, it’s a way to touch the Earth, to feel the path. It a way for me to contemplate
humanity, and if I’ve had too much coffee” says TPC commuting coordinator, Ronie Warner.

All work and no play is no good at all.  If your workplace doesn’t already have a program set up for commuters, please pass this article on to your human resources director.

To a healthier, sustainable and productive future.


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