Colorado Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-1

This past Labor Day Weekend marked the 2nd Annual Colorado Summer Vintage Mountain Bike Ride. We had a great turnout with over 20 diverse bikes and riders. It was great to see everyone’s vintage rides out of the garage and on the trail!

This year’s course pushed the outdated geometry, rigid frames, and coaster brakes through 7 miles of scenic Rocky Mountain trails through the Betasso Preserve.

We want to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the day with us! It was a huge success and we look forward to riding with you again next year!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-2

The Pro’s Closet photographer, Emily, was all smiles on her Kona Klunker!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-22

What a collection!

Juli Furtado's Yeti

Some last minute adjustments to Juli Furtado’s 1990 Yeti FRO race bike before taking off.

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-4

The first pit-stop. Those vintage mountain bikes sure looked good back on the trail!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-15

Action shot!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-5

One last breather before the downhill!






The Pro's Closet, Nick Martin, owner rallied "his" / Chris Herting's Yeti FR

The Pro’s Closet, Nick Martin, owner rallied “his” / Chris Herting’s Yeti FRO!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-6

An awesome shot from Mike Wilk as we began the final descent back into Boulder.

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014 // The Klunkerz crew!

The Klunker crew!

Vintage Mountain Bike Ride 2014-20

All the riders got a sweet reward after the ride with food from Yellowbelly Chicken and beverages from Upslope Brewery!


Manitou! The Slingshot was a crowd favorite!

Klunk'n ain't easy! The Pro's Closet


  1. Have just started a restoration of a Specialized . Realized that having the latest and greatest intrudes on the basic fun of MTBing. I could care less about stunts and extreme,I just want to get out in the woods,work up a sweat,enjoy the view and not break anything. Fun eh?

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