Buying Used Is New Again

Buying something that already exists... it's the greenest way to shop!

Consumers are looking for value now more than ever, buying used can deliver that value.  Buying a bike or another high end component sight unseen can seem like a big risk however if you follow a few key guidelines you can save big and get more bang for your buck.

1. eBay is by far the safest used marketplace short of a local bike swap where you actually get to put your hands on the ride prior to purchasing it.  eBay’s buyer protection policy will protect you in the unfortunate case your bike arrives not as described.  Complete the transaction by paying with Paypal.  By doing so, you are using a third party merchant that will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order from start to finish.

2.  Do your research.  Search eBay using the “completed listing” feature of their advanced search.  By searching completed listings you can see the current market value of the bike or component you are looking to buy.   Play with the search options as well as key words to bring up a different variety of searches.  For example, if you are searching for a Gary Fisher Superfly, change up the search by using Superfly spelled out Super Fly as well.   Think outside the box!

3.  Buy from someone that has a strong reputation online.  Sellers are transparent on eBay because their buyers can leave honest feedback about their transaction with their seller.  Buy from someone that not only has a positive reputation with their customers but also has a flexible return policy in case the item does not fit etc.

Buyers and sellers are connected in ways that weren’t conceivable just a generation ago.  With countless choices, mobile access, email alerts when specific products are listed, buying used is new again. Buying something that already exists is the greenest way to shop.  Re-use, Re-purpose, (Re) Cycle!

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