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National Bike to Work Day is this Wednesday, June 26th.  TPC employee, and commuting pro, Jacob Lee takes you through what to expect when riding your bike to work.

Riding your bike to work is simple and anyone can do it.  However, dressing properly for the daily commute is truly an artform. Conditions can change in the blink of an eye and it is important to be ready for wind, rain, sleet, snow or anything else Mother Nature may have up her sleeve. I bike to work everyday no matter the conditions.  Here are a few pointers to help the daily commuter.

Bike to work


  • Base Layer: A thin wool long sleeve is a must have for the year round commute. Wool regulates temperature extremely well in both warm and cool weather and it also helps with odor control.
  • Outer layer: I like soft shells a lot, personally. I have three jackets that I use for commuting.
    • Un-lined soft shell conquers pretty much any weather above 45 degrees.
    • Lightly insulated soft shell is useful when temperatures drop below 45 degrees.
    • For the nastiest of winter weather an insulated soft shell is an absolute must.
  • Lower body: I always wear a pair of bib shorts on my commutes, just for comfort sake.
    • The key to the dressing your lower body is a pair of close fitting shell pants.
    • If necessary, I pair tights and a shell together for maximum warmth.
    • As the weather gets warmer, you can lose the shells for just the tights.
Bike to work jacket

Think Bright Colors!

Bike to work "High visibility"

“High visibility” jersey

Foul Weather Kit

  • Jacket & pants: Hard shell and waterproof pants are a must in case temperatures drop.
  • Make sure these are layers accessible because inclement weather does not have the patience to wait for you to change.
  • Glasses: Clear vision is always important to riding safely, in order to avoid cars, obstacles, etc.  In addition to reducing glare, glasses can also help combat wind, rain and snow
Bike to work sunglasses

Always have an extra pair of sunglasses or lenses, the weather always changes.

Bike to work, waterproof kit

Carry a waterproof jacket and pants in a small sack. You’ll thank me later.


  • Outer layers: should be of very bright colors: reds, neon orange and green.
  • Lights: An output of 200 Lumens or higher is imperative. Not only does it greatly improve your view of the road, but it also makes you more visible to those behind the wheel.
  • Red flashers: It is important to have one on the bike and one on my backpack.
  • Flat kit: Carrying your bike home from work is never fun.
Bike to work kit

Flat Kit: Tire levers, Multi Tool, & Tube

Riding your bike to work is a great way to bookend your day.  You will feel amazing when you get to work and when you get home. It’s great for the environment, you get to enjoy all forms of beautiful weather as you kickstart your day. I don’t own a car and I’ll admit I’m a little biased, but I wouldn’t trade my bike for any car.

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