Bicycle Restoration Process

Our Bicycle Restoration Process

The Pro’s Closet is the largest online used bicycle store. Operating in the used marketplace adds a level of complexity that most online stores don’t experience. While we buy and sell used bikes, we do not flip bikes. Actually, our team of highly trained mechanics restores bicycles. Anyone who buys a bicycle from TPC can be assured that they are purchasing a high quality pre-owned bike.

On the most basic level, the mechanic’s daily workflow consists of taking a bicycle completely apart, cleaning, greasing, rebuilding, and testing. Below, we will walk through a bicycle restoration with TPC lead mechanic, Nate Straus. View all restored bicycles.

1.Before the bicycle is placed into a stand, the fork and rear shock are filled with air and tested (if applicable). At this time, the lock out, rebound, and pivots are checked and tested.

Tasks-5         Tasks-4

Tasks-1         Tasks-3
Fork_Gif  Rear_Shock_gif

2.   Wheels are the first component inspected once the bicycle is placed in the stand.

  • Look for missing or bent spokes
    • Replace spoke if needed
  • Check for play in hubs
    • Lubricated and adjust if needed
  • Inspect brake surface condition
    • Reject wheel if excessive wear is found
  • Check for radial and lateral runout of rim
    • True wheel if needed
  • Inspect brake rotors if equipped
    • True rotors if needed
    • Replace if rusted, bent, or heavily worn

Tasks-8         Tasks-10
3.   Then, the frame and cockpit are inspected throughly.

  • Inspect Headset for play / restriction of movement
    • Service if needed
  • Remove seatpost
    • Lubricate or apply carbon paste where needed
    • Look for damage on seatpost
    • Replace if needed
    • Look for damage to collar
    • Replace if needed
  • Inspect and test dropper post (if equipped)
  • Check the frame for damage
    • Remove the seatpost clamp on carbon frames, look for cracks
    • Remove the stem on carbon steerers and look for damage
    • Look behind the chainrings to find chain rash

Tasks-17         Tasks-27

4.   Now, the bike is disassembled to clean all drivetrain components in our big, bad parts washer. This will remove ALL dirt and grime on these critical components.

Tasks-22         Tasks-24



5.  Next, the clean drivetrain parts are greased and reinstalled. Before the chain is reinstalled, the crankset is spun to assess the bottom bracket’s health. If poor, the bottom bracket will be replaced.


Tasks-28         Tasks-15

6.  While focused on the drivetrain, the shifting is inspected.

  • Test shifting
    • Replace cables and housing if needed
    • Service shifters if needed 
  • Look for damage to chainrings and cassette teeth

Tasks-20         Tasks-32

7.   Then, brakes are inspected and adjusted.

  • Test brake levers
    • Cable Actuated Brakes:
      • Replace brake cable if action is heavy/slow
      • Inspect pads, replace if needed
    • Hydraulic Brakes:
      • Bleed system if lever is spongy or travel is excessive
      • Inspect brake pads, replace if needed
      • Inspect hoses, replace if damage is present

Tasks-31         Tasks-12

8.   As the restoration process is wrapped up, bar tape, grips, and/or saddle are replaced if needed.

9.   Final steps

  • TPC sticker is applied, bike is polished, and chain is lubed, providing another opportunity to assess condition.
  • The bike is inspected by a second mechanic to ensure nothing has been overlooked

Tasks-34         Tasks-35

And now this restored bicycle is ready to be photographed, listed, and shipped to your front door! View all restored bicycles.

Chris Santa Cruz-1

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.39.04 AM



  1. Hey, I just read your article on the way you prepare bikes to sell. I was actually over the last few days just looking at one of yours on eBay , A 2015 S works stumpjumper HT in white but actually decided not to buy it because of one of the pictures showing dirt or possibly rust on the chain ring, and grease build up on the chain ( it’s a close-up picture ). Again seeing that maybe decide not to buy it so I wonder what happened there? Do you only prepare some bikes?

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for reaching out. We prepare all of our bikes as indicted in the article. I went back to look at all Stumpjumpers we listed in the past 3 months and was not able to find a white S-Works Stumpjumper. Perhaps it was not from our store? Either way, thanks for reading our blog and you have a great email address!

      Best of rides,

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