2014 IMBA Benefit Auction

IMBA Niner Auction 2014

For the fifth year, Niner has created a special IMBA themed bike in support of the non-profit’s mountain bike advocacy effort, and we’re proud to be hosting the auctions again this year! This year’s version is a custom painted version of the brand new ROS 9 Plus - a complete singlespeed 29+ bike with special detailing and exclusive components throughout. 

“IMBA is stoked that Niner is continuing its support for mountain bike trails and access through such a creative, visible campaign. The money raised will help fund our national advocacy work, which serves to protect and expand access to local trail systems. We handle D.C. dirt so you can play in the dirt,” says Mark Eller, IMBA Director of Communications “To all the bidders, thank you! And to the winners, enjoy your new rides!”


The global auction for the 9 (yes, only 9) available bikes begins at 6:00 pm MST, August 14th at theproscloset.com. “The Pro’s Closet helps us with this auction every year – their international auction expertise makes it possible for riders to support IMBA from almost anywhere in the world.” said Sugai.

Only 9 of these beauties are available, auction ends on the last day of the 2014 IMBA World Summit. (It isn’t too late to join us in Steamboat Springs for 4 days of great riding and IMBA-education!)

IMBA Niner ROS 9 Plus Auction

IMBA Niner ROS 9 Plus Auction

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What Is My Used Bicycle Worth?

It’s a question we encounter daily, ‘How much money can I get for my used bicycle, skis, and other outdoor gear?’ We are here to walk you through the tools on eBay to help you determine your bike’s current ‘Blue Book’ market value.

Lets say you want to sell your 2013 Specialized Enduro Comp mountain bike. You’ve made some good memories with this rig but it’s time to set it free and buy a 29er. After you dry your tears, the first thing you should do is hop onto eBay and input the bike’s year, make, model, and series into the search bar. The more information you give the search engine, the more accurate your search results. To keep the search focused, select ‘Sporting Goods’ from the drop down menu on the right side of the search bar. For bonus points, you can select ‘Shop by category’ to the left of the search bar to enter the eBay cycling category.

used bicycle blue book - ebay search bar

Hit ‘Enter’ and the search engine will begin scouring the eBay database for your beloved bicycle. The landing page will show you all active listings for your bike.  Note that this shows you eBay’s current inventory of what sellers are asking, but not what your bicycle is worth. Remember, anyone can ask any price so in order to track down your item’s true market value, you will need to click ‘Sold Listings’ in the left navigation pane.

used bicycle blue book - ebay active listings

Once, ‘Sold Listings’ is selected, you will see all of the 2013 Specialized Enduro Comp bicycles that have been sold over the past 90 days. This is where you will begin to see the value of your bike take shape. Below, we see five bikes, four that have sold (in green) and one that has not (in red), ranging from $1,436 to $2500. Now it’s time to do some detective work. Analyze the listings to find out what has caused the discrepancy in price and where your bike might land in this spectrum. Keep in mind that not only does condition, size, and build spec effect the price but also the photographs, description, countries the seller ships to and the seller’s feedback rating. [See, 'Selling a Used Bicycle' for do's and don't's for selling your used bicycle.]

used bicycle blue book - ebay sold listings

If you think your bike is comparable to the Enduro that sold for $1436 but the listing had poor photographs and a short description, you can value your bike at a slightly higher price. On the flip side, if your bike is closer to the Enduro that sold for $2500 but has a little more damage, you can value it at a slightly lower price. Take this time to research all of the completed listings and you will determine your bicycle’s true market value.

Now that you have determined the price for your bike it’s time to make your auction listing. If you don’t have the time or patience, we can do all of the work for you! We have a staff of professional photographers, auction managers, shipping experts, and customer service representatives ready to help you get the most value out of your bicycle! We’ll make your item shine with a full detail of your bike, professional photographs, all the auction science to help your used bicycle get seen in a worldwide marketplace, answer any buyer questions, and ship it to its new home. For more information, visit theproscloset.com/sell-your-gear/Used bicycle blue book - The Pro's Closet used bicycle listing

The Pro’s Closet – Stan’s Notubes Pro MTB Team Update

From the Road // TPC Pro MTB Team Update

Team Update 0-1

Last weekend the top elite and amateurs from around the country came to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the USA Cycling National Championships. The Pro’s Closet team, consisting of Mitch Hoke, Ryan Woodall, and Drew Edsall, all competed in the XC and Short Track races. The course was great, providing a challenge for the racers and great spectating opportunities. Hoke described ‘The ‘Heckle Pit’ as “a tight technical section of trail was so packed with spectators leaning into to the course that it reminded me of racing cross in Belgium and the US Pro Cycling Challenge climbing Flag Staff Road in Boulder, had you not pre ridden the course you would have not know where to go because fans were so tight into trail but they all managed to get out of the way at the last moment.”

The XC race started great for Hoke as he put himself in a great position riding with Todd Well, Stephen Ettinger, Russel Finsterwald and Kerry Werner. On lap 2 Ettinger flatted in the rock garden and then on lap 3 Finsterwald flatted and Hoke found myself riding alone for 3rd place. Then with a lap and half to go he flatted on a sharp rock in the rock garden and fell back to 10th before he made it to the pit and got a wheel change. Frustrated, Hoke rode it out and crashed on the final single track section of the race trying to hold off a hard charging rider and finished 12th. Woodall had a great race and finished 14th and Drew finished 22nd.

After the crash and in the XC and botched call up procedure from USAC that put a bunch of really great riders in the back of the start neither Woodall nor Hoke had a great short track race finishing 18th and 29th.

1st Todd Wells Specialized Racing
2nd Kerry Werner BMC Project Dirt
3rd Jerimiah Bishop Sho-Air Cannondale
4th Alex Grant Sho-Air Cannondale
5th Cameron Dodge Scott Bikes
12th Mitch Hoke
14th Ryan Woodall 
22nd Drew Edsall

Short Track
1st Stephen Ettinger
2nd Todd Wells
3rd Russel Finsterwald
4th Jerimiah Bishop
5th Howard Grotts
18th Mitch Hoke
29th Ryan Woodall 


Drew Edsall of The Pros Closet - Stans NoTubes, doing a pre ride with the Drew Edsall Dirt Devo team from Florida

Drew doing a pre ride with the Drew Edsall Dirt Devo team from Florida 

Ryan Woodall of The Pro's Closet - Stans No Tubes, comes through the top of the Heckle Pit
Ryan Comes through the top of the Heckle Pit

Drew Edsall of The Pro's Closet - Stans NoTubes, comes through the top of the Heckle Pit
Drew Through the top of the Heckle Pit
Mitch Hoke of The Pro's Closet - Stans No Tubes, at the finish after a flat tire and hard crash.
Mitch at the finish after a flat tire and hard crash. 

Catamount Classic Pro XCT, Williston Vermont 

The Catamount Classic is the final Pro XCT for the year. It is a great venue that provides easy spectating for fans and tactical race for the racers. The race is one town over from the home town of 2012 Olympian Leah Davison. Leah and her sister run a youth mountain bike program for young girls called Little Bella’s and this race is a great opportunity for the girls to see some of the worlds best female mountain bikers.

The Catamount course is fast and very tactical. During the Pro XC race an elite group formed at the front with Mitch Hoke, Kerry Werner, Antoine Car, Cam Dodge, and Spencer Paxson. They rode together for the first 4 laps knowing that none of would be successful going it alone on a fast windy course. The fireworks started on the 5th lap with Werner and Car creating a gap from Dodge, Paxon and Hoke. Hoke was the first to loose the pace and finished 5th and Paxon finished 4th with the Car taking the sprint over Werner and Dodge. Ryan Woodall came in with the next group to finish 10th. Some video of the XC Highlights can be found here thanks to the local news station.

Sunday brought the short track. A great course with a hard climb winding up the grass hill behind the start finish followed by a dual slalom and single track descent made for great racing. Hoke rode relatively comfortably for the race just trying to maintain a good position and follow any attacks that he thought were dangerous. There was a group of 8 until 3 laps to go when Cole Oberman attacked and forced a separation with Hoke and Sepp Kuss being the only riders able to follow him. They rotated positioning to hold the gap and not allow other riders to make it back to the front. The three of them stayed calm and did not attack eachother so it came down to a sprint. Hoke came through the final turn into the long slightly up-hill finish on the third wheel. He put his head down and came around Cole and Sepp to take his first win at a Pro XCT! “It was a great feeling but I promptly collapsed after the finish line in exhaustion,” said Hoke. Woodall came in 9th improving on his finish from Saturday.


1st Antoine Caron Specialized Canada
2nd Kerry Werner BMC Project Dirt
3rd Cameron Dodge Scott Bikes
4th Spencer Paxson Kona Bicycles
5th Mitch Hoke
10th Ryan Woodall


Short Track
1st Mitch Hoke
2nd Sepp Kuss BMC Project Dirt
3rd Cole Oberman Rare Disease Cycling
4th Neilson Powless Team Whole Athlete
5th Antoine Caron Specialized Canada
9th Ryan Woodall


Mitch Hoke of The Pro's Closet Stans No Tubes, descending the single track in the short track
Mitch descending the single track in the short track
Mitch Hoke of The Pro's Closet Stans No Tubes, post race interview
Post race interview  
Mitch Hoke of The Pro's Closet - Stans NoTubes, on the top step of the Podium for the short track
Mitch on the top step of the Podium for the short track 
Mitch Hoke of The Pro's Closet - Stans NoTubes, on the top step of the Podium for the short track
“Thanks for all your continued support. This has been hard but really fun journey for me and I am glad to start seeing it really pay off. I travel to Canada this weekend for the MSA World Cup” – Mitch Hoke